Initiative Wi-Fi™

We are a non-profit community-centric wireless Internet Service Provider primarily funded by WANSecurity, Inc.

The Internet has created a communication and collaboration platform enabling global community on a level which may never be paralleled again.

We believe that it is the intrinsic right of each and every human being on the planet to be able to communicate freely and openly.

Based on these values it is with great pride that we deliver uncensored high-speed Internet free of charge to all those individuals who have a voice, but might not have the circumstances to afford their own Internet connection. We also offer at-cost high speed Internet to non-profit organizations.

Our network coverage is growing rapidly through the generous contributions of community focused business owners, and other individuals helping to promote digital inclusion.

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Access to knowledge is power

Initiative Wifi™ has the vision of providing fast, secure, and free wireless connections to as many communities as possible. At the moment we are working with multiple broadband providers, roof top management professionals, community development specialists, and building our mesh network. Stay tuned for our launch date, and network map, coming soon…

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