Initiative Wifi™ has been providing fast, secure, and free wireless connections to as many communities as possible. At the moment we are working with multiple broadband providers, roof top management professionals, community development specialists, and continue to build our network. Initiative WiFi has been an essential partner in providing consulting to various community projects to bring Internet to areas of Kansas City in need.

None of this would have been possible without the partners, sponsors and rooftops involved in this effort for their hard work and contribution.

  • Oak Towers – CBRE –
  • 1102 Grand – Netrality –
  • Marriott Country Club Plaza – Marriott –
  • Corporate Woods – Group RMC –
  • Sheraton – Hallmark in Connection with Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation –
  • Shelterwood – Embark –
  • BLOCK – BLOCK Real Estate Services –
  • Digital Inclusion KC – Kansas City Coalition for Digital Inclusion –